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Teach a man to fish…

Sun Management is committed to providing ongoing education and the sharing of lessons learned (Labs and Videos), in-depth analysis (white papers), training and specifically the ability for professionals to earn their Palo Alto Certified Networks Service Engineer training.

  • Labs

    Sun Management has developed a series of exercises or “Labs” that aim to discuss IT and cyber challenges by providing problem-solution virtual labs for continued learning opportunities. These labs will focus on the key questions facing those in the information technology community and walk through how to solve the ever-changing technology landscape. The goal is to take part in the ongoing and open discussion of these challenges. We welcome suggestions for future Labs or if you are so inclined you can create your own Lab and share it with us via

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  • White Papers

    Sun Management provides in-depth analysis of the IT and cyber challenges of today and tomorrow. These papers cover a wide range of issues and provide the reader with expert commentary on how to look at and solve challenges in the ever-changing information technology landscape. Keep up with the latest issues and search past white papers.

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  • Videos

    Created for the lay person, these videos take sometimes complicated IT and cyber issues and explain them in a clear and concise manner and use easy to understand analogies.

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  • Training

    Sun Management believes that we should not only provide the best in cutting-edge cyber and IT software solutions, but actively seek to help our clients become experts in solving their own problems. As our founder Jim Vanderzon believes: “Our goal is to teach and enable our clients to solve their problems without having to rely on us. In short, we want to work ourselves out of a job. That is our ethical calling.”

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  • pCNSE

    Path to Palo Alto Certified Networks Service Engineer (pCNSE). We are proud to offer a pathway to earning the Palo Alto Certified Networks Security Engineer (pCNSE) certification. Obtaining this credential will take time, effort, and dedication as the exam is more challenging than the Microsoft & Cisco certification exams you may be accustomed to taking. The pCNSE training bundle we created to simplify your journey toward certification continues the tradition of helping our customers grow professionally and share their newly acquired expertise with others.

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