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Our goal is to teach and enable our clients to solve their problems without having to rely on us.

Why Choose Sun Management Training?

Our training classes are created with the goal of teaching and enabling our clients to solve their problems without having to rely on us. In short, we want to work ourselves out of a job. We believe that is our ethical calling. We welcome your participation and hope you not only learn, but pass on your knowledge to others.

Palo Alto Training Classes

Our dedication to student success and engineering excellence led Sun Management to become not only the first of four Authorized Training Centers in North America to earn Palo Alto Network’s “Elite ATC” designation in 2014 but also the first organization on the continent that is both an Elite ATC and a Palo Alto Networks Certified Professional Services Partner (CPSP). There is presently only one other organization in North America that possesses both those credentials. Please follow the directions here on registering for a Sun Management Palo Alto Technology class. Is the class you want not available? – request a class.

  • EDU-210: Firewall 8.1 Essentials – Configuration and Management – Arlington, VA Duration:5 days Start date: July 8, 2019 Cost: $4,500.00 Location:In person Register

Meet the Instructors

Bob Pesakovic

Chief Instructor and Senior Network Security Engineer

Bob Pesakovic joined Sun Management’s Engineering Team in 2011 and obtained his certification as a Palo Alto Networks Certified Network Security Instructor in April 2017. Bob has been working with Palo Alto firewalls since the days of PANOS 4.0 and brings to the classroom 17+ years of hands on engineering experience, including having served as Lead Architect for multiple complex multi-million dollar implementation projects across the US, Canada, and Europe.

Below are just some of the comments received from students who have attended our classes:

  • "The labs reinforce the material and serve as a great guide for later employment. The labs examples are simple enough to complete and get the concept down before trying more difficult concepts."

  • "I really liked the instructor's realistic, vendor neutral, in depth, and non-marketing approach to teaching the class and not simply reading slides but talking about the concept."

  • "The instructor brought real world applicability with him into the material. He was very straight forward and offered insight on enterprise scenarios outside of just configuration settings."

  • "The course material was well organized and written and the lab work really supported the lectures. Instructor was very experienced and added a lot of personal stories that really aided in learning and understanding."

  • "I thought I was just coming to class to understand more of the Palo Altos - now I am using this class more than any other I have taken here! Thanks again."