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Palo Alto Networks Services

Sun Management is a Palo Alto Certified Professional Services Partner

The Palo Alto Networks products started as next generation firewalls, enabling organizations to accurately identify and control applications flowing in and out of a network. In addition, Palo Alto Networks products provided customers the ability to identify Threats such as Spyware, Malware, Application Vulnerabilities, and anti-virus signatures. In addition, the firewall platform supported content filtering for complete control over malicious or unwanted network behavior to ensure safe web surfing. Further, Palo Alto Networks products can accurately determine which applications are flowing across the network, irrespective of port, protocol, SSL, or SSH, or evasive behaviors, such as masquerading or tunneling (anonymizer) through other applications. Palo Alto Networks continues to broaden their existing security portfolio by extending this enhanced security vision to the cloud. Palo Alto Networks is building a comprehensive secure platform to encompass cloud based storage, cloud based applications, and end point protection. This vision will provide end to end security for the all users in an organization no matter their location.

Sun Management was the first value added reseller (VAR) in the world to bring Palo Alto Networks to the marketplace. Sun Management is proud to offer our customers a Palo Alto Networks certified Platinum engineering (CPSP), and training (ATC). Sun Management focuses on having an educated team for all of our start-up and existing partners to aid our customers in their growing requirements. Further, a core belief of Sun Management is to promote education by offering training to our customers in order that they become their own experts and to solve their own problems.

Sun Management provides Palo Alto Networks Services and Palo Alto Networks installs in the Mid-Atlantic for commercial/private companies, Education, State, Local and Federal clients.